to power the best teams in the world. we need the best team in the world.
our mission
We recognized Football supplements as a twelfth player in the modern day game. Our mission is to help players reach their full potential through nutritional education and science based supplementation so they can perform at their best.
our supply chain
We run a world-class operations and supply chain organization with deep industry experience. During the course of manufacturing FS products, there are at least three quality and purity audits from the acceptance of raw materials to full Informed Sports compliance of the final product.
our intellectual property
We actively partner with world-class researchers and organizations to invent, develop, and foster novel intellectual property.
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Michael Gleeson
Emeritus Professor, Loughborough University, UK

Michael is Emeritus Professor of Exercise Biochemistry at Loughborough University. He retired in 2016 after 40 years of research and teaching mostly related to the diet, metabolism, health and performance of athletes. He has provided advice on minimising risks of infection and nutritional strategies to aintain immune function and optimise performance to numerous sports clubs and organisations. He has published several books on exercise biochemistry, sport nutrition, exercise

Dr Laurent Bannock
Consultant Nutritionist

Dr Laurent Bannock is a Consultant Nutritionist based in Edinburgh, Scotland, and is a world renowned specialist in Sport and Exercise Nutrition.

Laurent has over 20 years experience working in private practice and elite sport.

His work focusses on supporting individual health and fitness goals, from weight management to elite sports performance. In his private practice, his clients range from

Florent Aziri
Football Performance Nutritionist


- B.Sc. Biomedicine,*University of Fribourg*
- M.Sc. Elite Sports,*Swiss Federal Institute of Sports Ð Zürich*
- Cert. in Nutrition Medicine*,Stanford University*
- Master Football Nutrition*Football Science Institute*
- Cert. in Neuroscience in Sports,*FC Barcelona*
- Cert. in Sports Nutrition in Football,*FC Barcelona*

David Lagos
Atletico de Madrid Nutritionist

Degree in pharmacy
-Graduate in nutrition and dietetics
-Specialist in sports nutrition
-Currently responsible for the first team of the nutrition service of club Atlético de Madrid since 2017.

Started at Club Atlético de Madrid in 2008, where he was responsible for structuring and developing the entire nutrition service of football base, a position he held until 2017 when he joined the first team exclusively where he is today.

Hélène Defrance
LOSC Nutritionist

Hélène Defrance was competitive sailor, who won a bronze medal at the 2016 Summer Olympics. She also won European and World Champion. She is a knight of the Ordre national du Mérite.

After the 2016 Summer Olympics, She trained to become a qualified dietician in Perpignan, France. She had previously been working on the job part-time alongside her sailing commitments since 2014. She currently works as a nutritionist for Ligue 1 club Lille OSC.

Ryan Carter
Optimum Performance (I.O.P.N)

Qualified level 3 personal trainer, certified health coach. A registered nutritional therapist qualifying with Institute for optimal nutrition (DipION) and registered with mBANT CNHC. Has a unique combination and uses the best from functional medicine, preventative healthcare, biohacking, the laws of mother nature, nutritional therapy and ancestral wisdom - all evidence-informed, and quantified with data.

Jack Allocca
Neuroscientist and Pharmacologist

Dr. Jack Allocca consults entrepreneurs and high impact individuals with leveraging altered states of consciousness across their personal and professional life. These profoundly personal upgrades enable entrepreneurs to future-proof their businesses and personal lives to withstand the competition brought on by emergent technologies. He uses his own body and mind as a laboratory and workshop, designing optimized protocols to maximize aligned value creation, adventure, and play.

Tim Grey
Europe’s leading biohacker

Tim’s a dedicated health optimising Biohacker, a psychology specialist, entrepreneur and global speaker. Tim is also the Founder of The Biohacker London Meetup group, and London’s first private Hyperbaric Oxygen Clinic.

Tim is known as the “UK’s leading Biohacker” due to his detailed tracking of more than 35+ biomarkers per day, is frequently in the mainstream media regarding practical, trackable, and immediately apply-able health hacks, and is featured on over 30 podcasts a year.

research and development principles

The cornerstone of science is the systematic, transparent pursuit of truth. The pursuit of truth in the field of human enhancement is what drives us at Football Supplements.

While our understanding of the field adapts as better techniques and new data is discovered, the principles with which we conduct our research and development do not. We publish these principles with the following goals in mind: to plant a flag and define a new standard of public accountability, to continue to earn your trust, and to build the foundation of an intrepid company that will continue to do important work for many generations.

Safety and Regulations.
Our first priority is to ensure the safety of our customers: our products will only ever contain ingredients that are FDA and WADA compliant.

Label Transparency.
No proprietary blends. We always state exact ingredients, amount, and purity backed by 3rd party certificates of analysis (COA’s) to validate that the products have been tested and match the labels.

Active Research.
We contribute to the body of scientific knowledge by undertaking in-house research and collaborating with external research institutions. We share and/or publish all notable results of studies that concern our products or the ingredient(s).

Driven by Data, not Dogma.
We are open to re-evaluating our products and recommended protocols as new data emerges. This means adding or removing ingredients or routines, updating manufacturing processes, modifying the way we describe our product, and/or pulling products full stop.