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WHY footballers use bcaa?
improve muscle recovery
During each training session your muscles suffer from micro tears. This is completely normal process during hard workout. Amino Acids in BCAA help your muscles recover faster.
Reduce muscle soreness
When your muscles get sore, it’s mainly because of the micro tears that happen. And when your body can use amino acids from BCAA to repair them faster, your muscles will be less sore.
L-leucine, key part of BCAA mix, is the amino acid that is responsible for protein synthesis and muscle building process. Which means that body will naturally start creating lean muscles when you take BCAAs after football practice.
WHat’s inside?
Formulated for footballers combining the Amino acids for recovery and maintenance of the lean mass into a delicious drink.
Ignites protein synthesis
increases muscle mass
stimulates muscle repair
When to use
Mix one serving (7g) with 300 ml of water.
Use it daily during or after hard training to maintain muscle mass.
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Jonas D.
I've noticed significant improvement in my recovery since using BCAA supplement after my training.
Sam E.
I've tried a variety of supplements over the years, but I must say BCAA is definitely worth considering for any serious football player. BCAA is underrated in football!
Leon K.
This helped me recover quickly between games. And it tastes amazing unlike all other BCAA supplements - highly recommended!
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What are the main benefits of BCAA?

The main benefits of BCAA are faster recovery after intense training sessions or games, improved workload capacity, and reduced risk of injury. By taking BCAA after a training session, you are increasing your potential to give your best in the next training session or game.

How should I drink it?

Mix 3/4 scoop (7g) of powder with 300ml water in a shaker bottle. Take 1 serving daily immediately (max 30 min) after the training/game.

How is BCAA different from other supplements?

This unique formula is created for football players to recover after a hard training sessions or games. BCAA helps players improve muscle recovery, reduce muscle soreness and build lean muscle.

What is "Subscribe & Save," and can I cancel it?

If you choose to purchase using the “Subscribe & Save” option, then congratulations! You just made the first step toward consistently getting better results in training and games. The “Subscribe & Save” option is a great way to try Kick-Off at a lower price, and you can cancel anytime. You’ll also get to enjoy other perks, like free priority shipping, out-of-stock protection, and access to our private footballers’ community with insights and guidance to support your game. Every 30 days from your original order date we will ship you a new order that is the same as your original order. Canceling is easy – just contact us via live chat or use the contact form here.

Where do you ship?

We ship our products worldwide. Some regions are a bit further away, so it might take a little longer to receive your products.

How many servings are there in a jar?

Each jar contains 60 servings of 7g, which is enough for a two month's supply if you train 5 times a week.

How much should I buy?

Currently, there are global supply chain issues and a huge demand for sports supplements, so we have a limited supply available. We recommend you stock up with at least a 3-month supply to make sure you have enough product on hand.
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